Setting up campaign emails & cron

Hi, I have been trying for hours to get email campaigns working successfully.

I would like to be able to send campaigns at any time of day, especially day hours, not night. So I have set the interval settings in the Scheduler for the 'Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns" to always run (“as often as possible”).

I have added the crontab commands indicated on the Scheduler page to my cron files in my c-panel (using SiteGround on Linux). The commands checked out okay when entered (c-panel accepted and added them). I also set them to check consistently.

Still, when I try to send a campaign, whether to a real target list or to a ‘test’ target list, no emails are sent.

What else could be wrong?

Also, isn’t there anyway to just send the email immediately? Why does it have to be scheduled for the future?

I have attached screenshots so you can see my settings. Thanks for any help you can give!

  1. Remove the line with “sudo crontab -e” etc from your CPanel, that is a command to edit the crontab from the command-line, not a command to be inside your crontab

  2. First you need to check if cron is launching cron.php successfully. Some hostings require a slightly different command. You can go in Admin / Schedulers, enter one of the jobs that should run frequently and check the field “Last ran successfully”. Is it recent? Is it in the correct timezone?

  3. Don’t make your Campaigns job run “as often as possible”, it is often a legnthy job, leave some room for one to finish before the next one is started. This depends on the size of your target lists, but let’s say at least 10 minutes interval would be a good idea.

  4. You can launch a campaign immediately from “Admin / Email queue”. By the way, while we’re troubleshooting, this is a nice place to test if the campaigns are sending properly in terms of email settings, without any reference to Scheduling issues.