Setting default font SuiteCRM


Please, how to I set up the default font (to Tahoma) for the emails sent through SuiteCRM?



Which “emails sent from SuiteCRM”?

  • campaigns?

  • Email module?

  • automatic notifications for meetings, assignments, etc?

Well, ideally in all of them. We need to have a standard default email font (Tahoma), font size and font colour for all our communications with our clients.

Well, SuiteCRM’s themes are customizable, Templates are (obviously) customizable, notification emails too (to a lesser extent, they use simpler HTML), but this all covers too many places…

For the Templates it depends on which editor you use, I found this for TinyMCE:

… a few pieces missing, this is just a part.

If you can document your findings here, after you finish, it would be useful. Thanks

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Thank you. I do not use tinyMCE, but the editor that comes with SuiteCRM in a fresh install. Any ideas how to change the font options in the Fond drop-down menu to only have one font (Tahoma)? The size should be 11pt, how to add it to the email editor drop-down menu?

I think the default SuiteCRM editor is tinyMCE…

But sorry, I don’t really know, this is being changed and I didn’t investigate recently. I think it’s different in 7.8.x and 7.9.x…

But first you have to discover which editor is being used by SuiteCRM, then Google ways to configure it.

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thank you! :slight_smile: