setting dashlets on homepage for everyone

Hi All, how do i set the dashlets and homepage so its the same for every user?
many thanks!

Hi Chris,

I did this before and its working just fine.

For changing the default dashlets, you need to update the array of $defaultDashlets found at custom/modules/Home/dashelts.php

what i did was unsetting the $defaultDashlets and add the list of dashlets i only want. such as

$defaultDashlets = array_reverse($defaultDashlets, true);
$defaultDashlets['MessageDashlet'] = 'Home';
$defaultDashlets['MyCallsDashlet'] = 'Calls';
$defaultDashlets['MyMeetingsDashlet'] = 'Meetings';

where the key of the array stands for the id of the dashlet and the value stands for the module name.

This will only display the calls ,meetings dashlets.

Also note that if the user clicked on Reset Homepage , this will also be the default dashlets - which is great of course-


hi, that doesnt seem to work! everything still shows up on default users dashlets.

Did u tried to press on the Reset Homepage button from the users page after you modified the default dashlets?

The effects of modifying the dashlets won’t take place unless you create a new user or click on the reset homepage.

where i cant see a reset homepage button - can you send a screenshot please?

Also how do you remove the discover suitecrm thing?

In order to Reset The homepage , Go to the Administrator,
Click on User management .
Click on the user name you want to reset his/her homepage
you will find a button name “Reset Homepage” next to the “Reset User preferences” ,“Save”,“Cancel” buttons

If you did apply the code i wrote above , it will remove the suitecrm homepage dashlet as well.

thanks did that - all works well but the “discover suitecrm” thing still stays.