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Setting Dashboard for Group

CRM is the system for group of users, so the feature to setup Dashboard for group of users is really important because new users can not arrange the dashboard and admin must do the job all the time.
Wish this feature will be implemented soon in next version. Not a difficult programming task!

It might be implemented for the next version, if someone from the Community does it, which should be quite possible if it’s “not a difficult programming task”.

I agree it would be useful, but it’s not on the Roadmap for the core team simply because there are too many things to do, even if many of them are small and “easy”, it gets a bit overwhelming for the limited resources we have.

Dear pgr

Sorry, I thought this is the Suggestion Box so I post my suggestion.
Forget it, pls!

No, you did right to post it, and I’m sorry if I came across too negative, I didn’t mean to.

It’s the Community’s Suggestion Box, not Salesgility’s suggestion Box. We’re always trying to involve more people and get the “development energy” flowing from all directions.

Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope that someone from the Community does pick it up, or a group of users that join forces to develop or purchase the development of it.

EDIT: you can see what I mean here: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/7499

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SuiteCRM is the best open source CRM on the market! Respect for the team!
Pls listen to community as well, don’t just follow your plan, the feedback from users reflect their pains on using your products.
For a new version, you should have bug fix, new features, UX improvements…

I speak as the new user for SuiteCRM but have 10 years in open source community and a contributor of a famous Open source CMS.

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Thanks. We’re trying to evolve in that direction, I think it’s happening. :slight_smile: