Set workflow tasks on workdays only and within working hours

Can you work out how to set all tasks created by workflows to fall only within the working days (Mon-Fri) and within working hours (9am-6pm) of the user’s local time?


There is a way to limit when Workflows run, see

Could this help with what you’re asking?

Thanks for your swift response @pgr - so this option will make sure that workflows only get executed on the selected working days. However, if today is a Friday, the workflow will run, and if in the workflow there is an action e.g. Create Record > Task after 1 day. Then this will still go ahead and create the task for Saturday right?

Probably, yes.

I don’t know much about this option… it’s better to try it.

You might need some extra bit of custom code to get this working the way you want, maybe some custom scheduler that runs daily and postpones all Saturday and Sunday tasks to Monday.