Set up email reminder for calls with workflow

I have created a workflow that intercepts the object of outgoing emails and if it is equal to a certain string it creates a call scheduled in the future.
The call is created correctly but I can’t create the reminder by associating the user assignee of the call.
To be precise, the call is not even displayed in the calendar. :sob:

I report the workflow data:

– Basic –
WorkFlow Module: Emails

– Conditions –
Email - Email Status - Equal To - Value - Sent
Emails - Subject - Contains - offerta

– Actions –
Select Action: Create Record
Record Type: Calls
Relate to WorkFlow Module: X

see screenshot for all actions

First thing to try: assign the user id, not the name

But then… It’s possible that some code that runs when you create the call manually, doesn’t run when created from the Workflow… typically, stuff adding relationships or creating reminders.

You might need a logic hook to emulate that a bit better.

On the other hand, if you try to understand what the normal code does in the database, you might find that what you are missing is a relationship, for example, and that can likely be created from the workflow.

Here is a working example, it doesn’t relate to calendar, but to Leads. Note that I had to set both a Parent id and create a relationship - I found that out by looking at the database.

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Hello PGR,
thank you for your answer. in fact the road i took before writing was to compare what is written in the db and in the forms that might be interested. Currently I had circumvented the problem of sending email notification by creating an additional workflow based on calls (those created by the first WF).
The last thing I need to do is to use a logic hook on the calls to write in the Reminders and Reminders_invitees table.
Hopefully this will be enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For those who want I have updated the WF that from an email sent and based on the content of the subject line, creates the call planned in the future.
I have added the relationship with the Users so that the call will appear on the calendar.


Simply it works(yes without reminders yet). Many thanks for sharing!

Actually I tried to do a bit of testing and even if the reminder is not displayed in the call detail, it is still sent from the system to the call assignee with the times we have set in the WF Email reminder Time field.
For this reason I also disabled the second WF I did to send the email notification. :star_struck: