Set sort in descending order as the default

In the Tasks, List View is sorted by Task ID in ascending order by default I want to make descending order as the default sort even without any filter applied.

Inside which module? Each subpanel in each module is independent.

I am not sure what do you mean by Which Module, I think it is the Tasks Module
This is the Link for tasks list view

Ok sorry, you simply mean the Tasks List view.

I was thinking you meant a Tasks subpanel showing inside some other module’s Detail view. But that was just my imagination.

(your screenshot doesn’t make much sense to me, though - you’re showing the Security Groups subpanel under Tasks Detail view?)

Back to the Tasks List view - if you simply sort it manually, doesn’t it retain that setting when you go back in there?

After setting to sort manually, it disappears sometimes like after searching for something in advanced search and clearing the search that’s why, I would like to have it set in descending order by default

Sorry For the inaccurate screenshot

I think you’re hitting an old bug where filters (search) and list view properties are entangled in illogical ways…

has other Issues for the same thing, if I am not mistaken…

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So How can I solve these bugs?

You can do some debugging work, if you’re a developer, or you can pay a developer to do it, if you’re not…