Set Opted in via WebForm?

I want to set the email “opted in” status via a Drupal Webform. We already have a Drupal plugin that sends the information from WebForm to SuiteCRM. To do so, I have to link a WebForm field to a SuiteCRM field in the plugin.

This has been working for years (we migrated from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM). All values get transmitted and saved in a lead, however I cannot set the “opted in” status of the email address.

I generated a SuiteCRM WebToPerson Form and the ID for Opt-in is “opt_in_email1”, but when I link my Drupal Webform Opt-In checkbox to “opt_in_email1” and transmit the value “1”, it still is not marked as opted in SuiteCRM.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe try comparing how the default Web-to-person form does it, and check your HTTP request (with browser developer tools) to see what the difference is to your own form.

Thanks for your help.

I did find one hidden value, which I didn’t submit, but even after fixing that, it still is not working.

Since the WebToPerson form created by SuiteCRM is working, I assume, this is a problem of our drupal plugin, as I can only see the http request to our drupal server, but I cannot see what the Drupal plugin actually processes and sends to our SuiteCRM server.

Maybe you can examine the code on the SuiteCRM side

or even add some debugging statements there to see what the plugin is sending.