set email defaults

I’m working on the email client and need to set both the defaults font type and size in both the client view and the outbound email.
I also need to default the paragraph setting from a new paragraph to a new line.

Having looked through the /include/javascript/tiny_mce folder that’s referred to in this link.

It specifically mentions the file include/javascript/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/css/editor_content.css which doesn’t exist in the later versions of sugarcrm?

I’ve assumed that it is now the source_editor.htm file under the themes/advanced folder I now need to be looking at?
Although I have made changes here and seen no visible effect after a repair.
I appreciate that there is a replacement on the road map in the future which is good news. But I’d also like to be able to see the same font size in the editor window and the email that the contact receives as the two seem to be different?

Would any of the seasoned SuiteCRM souls be able to point me in the right direction for correct file to amend for the editor window to match? I have made changes to the email that is actually received already and changed the size of the quick create window.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Sorry for my too tired/too lazy original question. But following on from the same subject

I’ve now created the files ./custom/include/tinyButtonConfig.php. and ./custom/include/tinyMCEDefaultConfig.php to make the upgrade safe changes I require.

Documented here

I also created a custom content.css file in custom/modules/Emails to change some settings for the formatting. Also changing the path in tinyMCEDefaultConfig.php to point content_css to the modified file.

After running a repair and rebuild none of my custom changes are applied and the modified css file is not referenced, Instead the original is used.

I’m still working on this but will document it here for anyone else that is looking to do the same thing. Please pitch in if you do have any advice.


Well after a week I’m battling with just one issue.
I’ve adjusted the file content.css file for tiny_mce adding p {margin: 0; padding: 0;} which works in the editor windows of both quick create and the mail email window.
But when the recipient receives an email created with quick create the formatting is lost and the email is double spaced (paragraph).
The main email module doesn’t change the formatting.

Can you make this change in the main CSS, or do you just want to make this change for emails?




Is TinyMCE adding html/css to the email, i.e. when it is received is the content different from that entered/set in the editor within the CRM?



It would also be nice to see your enhancements to Emails.

Are you doing a full overhaul, or just minor changes?

Would love your feed back on the Responsive Theme if you are interested.



Hi Will,

They are mostly minor changes I’m making but the email module is pretty inconsistent with its results. I’m working on making the quick compose window larger and improving on the format of the email received by the intended recipient.

The changes I made to the tiny_mce content.css only effect the editor and depending on the client (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) the email renders differently.
When suitecrm receives an email, clicking reply reformats sometimes adding and extra line break and sometimes and extra paragraph?

If I then send an email to the suitecrm using Outlook 2013 then it’s becomes a new paragraph rather than a line break. Reply to that and it has line breaks and a new paragraph.
Sending and email to suitecrm from Thunderbird, the email renders correctly as a line break. Hitting reply inserts an additional line break creating a double space.

Reading through this post I made some changes to the content.css to control the P element rather than force the use of line breaks.

A useful resource for anyone wanting to see the effect of stand alone changes in the configuration of TinyMCE can be found here

So at the moment Im looking specifically at TinyMCE then following the email out.



Hi John,

Yes the email client within SuiteCRM/SugarCRM CE is very poor, and I believe it is on the roadmap.

I have experienced the different formatting between Outlook and other clients, as we had a client with this issue but just worked to format the email template as optimally as possible.

I would think to change email formatting, you would need to modify some core components of the Email module, as editing the TinyMCE layer may not fully effect the email that is generated and sent out.



Thanks Will.

I expected as much.
I’ll be delving into this more deeply over the next month as I become more familiar with the email modules code.


Did you manage to make quick compose window larger?

I’m trying to do this but none of my changes seem to have any effect.

I’ve tried modifying the height settings in the following files but to no effect:

  • jssource/src_files/include/javascript/quickCompose.js
  • modules/Emails/templates/dceMenuQuickCreate.tpl
  • custom/include/tinyMCEDefaultConfig.php

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Looking to make window larger - at present only several lines showing

Hi Skutter and Will!

I just need to set the default font size for the e-mail composer.
Followed Skutter steps described in post #11976, creating the upgrade-safe files and personalized content_css, but so far it just affects the regular ritch text fields (not e-mail composer). What is missing for me to reach the e-mail composer to?


I would also like to know how to increase the size of the TinyMCE email quick composer window. I’m amazed this is not documented anywhere.

It was also asked here:

But no answer. Please help!

This is not very usable for an anverage user, you have to drag the window everytime to make it larger?