Service Level Agreements (Using Contracts and Cases)

We sell blocks of time to our clients that they use against any support they need from us.
What I am trying to set up is a Service Level Agreement like one can do in vTiger and add the amount of hours that we sell to the client.

What I then need to have happen is that when a Case comes in, and we change the status from New to Assigned to Complete that the time it took to change from these status’s is then deducted from the SLA.

For starters. Does one use Contracts for the Service Level Agreements. it is seems that way and it looks like I can add additional fields to the Contract Module to enter the total amount of hours sold.

And then, how does one create an automation that will check the status of a dropdown and then deduct the time from the Contract Total.

Is my thinking correct in this approach?

Many thanks

I think you have the necessary information in the tracker table - meaning, you can see it in the Detail view, action “View summary”, but it’s likely you will require a bit of custom coding to make the calculation and change the SLA value. A logic hook should do it.

You could try a Workflow based on the Tracker table, if that is even possible, I don’t know…

Thanks PGR. I will have a look how the vTiger guys did it in my current implementation and see if something similar exists in Suite