Server Resources Required for SuiteCRM?

Hi, as discussed on a separate thread, I am considering using SuiteCRM for a small non-profit I run.

In short, I am relatively proficient at linux web server admin and not afraid of setting it up and running it myself on a server.

However, I only have a basic virtual hosting… I’ve installed SuiteCRM and it seems to run totally fine but I am worried about resources and if it will slow down when I start to use it heavily or come to rely on it.

My two questions are:

  1. Is there any way I can check my host spec against what SuiteCRM is recommended to run with so I know I can run it on my current host? Anyone have any recommendations for what is needed as a good benchmark etc? Any general advice?

  2. Does anyone out there offer SuiteCRM in the cloud in a manner optimised for the program? I’d be happy to pay a monthly fee for it to be hosted in the cloud by someone committed to making sure it runs well.



SuiteCRM is not very demanding, but of course it really depends on your usage, and how much data and concurrent users you will be having.

SalesAgility can provide you with dedicated hosting, ran by the SuiteCRM experts themselves.

Thanks for this tip, I have checked them out and it looks good however as we will only want one user and will start with a very small amount of resources needed, I think I will not be able to justify the costs.

Therefore, I think I will start with a roll-my-own job on our existing web host.

No problem if you don’t know the answer to this (I’ll ask them) but do you think it’d be easy to move an existing installation on a personal web server to SalesAgility at a later date?

Thanks again, no worries if you don’t know the answer to my additional question.

It’s perfectly fine to keep asking questions, as many as you want :slight_smile:

Normally it is easy to migrate SuiteCRM form one server to another, yes.

So you can start with whatever server you have now, and then upgrade your hosting account, or move to a faster one later.

I would say it could be just one or two hours of admin work, if this admin is familiar with SuiteCRM. But some things could block this work and make it far more complicated. Make sure your current server allows SSH access and gives you a way to download a full database dump.

This is very helpful. I think we will start on our own server and move to something like SalesAgility once the system is of proven value.

A final question then, if you don’t mind:

Do you think it’s secure and safe if we run SuiteCRM at a subdomain of our existing website? We currently have a dreamhost account and I think I could probably install SuiteCRM at a subdomain, e.g. “” and we could use that to start… is this something that should be viable and do-able securely in your view? Or is it not normally recommended for any reason?

Obviously this also relates to my original server resources question…

Yes, running from a subdomain is perfectly fine, and plenty of people do it.

Of course the server needs to be able to handle both sites (the CRM and the public web site), as you say.

I would like to use my share hosting with bluehost ( where I have plus plan. I would like to know if that plan is fine if I want to use SuiteCRM in one of the directories?
Does it require root access?

Hello Hedy, welcome.

It’s better if you open your own thread, each person has their concerns and requirements.

SuiteCRM does not require root access, and plenty of people use it shared hostings (and I’ve heard that name BlueHosting before).

I advise using a hosting that gives you SSH access, that is quite essential when you need to troubleshoot something. You also need the ability to add entries to Crontab (sometimes that is done via CPanel) and to set ownerships and permissions on files (or to ask your hosting to do it for you).

Minimum 256 MB RAM, and 512 MB is better.

Sure pgr. Thank you so much. I will create mine.

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