Server crashed - Suite CRM doesnt Startup anymore


We had a crash on your physical server, where all the virtual servers are running. Everything is working fine again, except the crm server :frowning:

It was an installation with an image from
SuiteCRM - Univention App Center

After the server crash the webinterface wasnt working correctly anymore and when i wanted to open suite crm, there was an error. I rebooted the system via VMWare and now, everything i have is this:

Can’t even ping the system anymore… Is there any hope to secure the data?
Maybe export the Database somehow and then reinstall the system and import the data? Or is everything lost?

Yeah, we dont have an actual backup… :man_facepalming:

Thanks, Marco

If it’s a VM you should be able to mount the disk (which is a file in the host system) and reach the files, unless the crash corrupted them, which is unlikely unless it was (is) a disk problem.

But you shouldn’t be asking in a SuiteCRM forum, it’s more of a sysadmin / VMWare question. And then perhaps a MySQL question.

Start by seeing to what extent you can access the VM’s file system, and then work out your options from there.

Thanks for the help, now it works again. Maybe i was in the wrong forum, but anyways, here is the solution, if anyone has the same problem.

While the system was booting, i could switch the starting type to something like debian recovery…
then i saw this message:

After typing in that command, everything got fixed and suite-crm is running again.