Serial letter with/ to excel/word

is there a - free? - way to select multiple contacts/accounts and export the name/street/adress/salutation etc to word or excel, so I can easily create serial letters?

Similar for email?

THx in advance


SuiteCRM comes bundle with a lot free tools. Don’t know what exactly you want to achieve but you can use either export accounts directly from the listview of the modules. You can use Reports to export any data from the system on your own criteria… and lastly you can use the Campaigns to send automated emails from the system.

You should start by reading the documentation to get familiar with all the food stuff SuiteCRM comes with:



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Hi Broztechnologies, thank you so much.

I find the documentation not solving what I want to do, and I assume I would need to buy me a coder to do these things…

What I am looking to do: I have a database with prospects. What I am looking to do is select say 100 of them and somehow create a serial letter to them (by a lettershow with an csv file or myself by hand here)

I assume this could be done somehow with the pdf module, but whatever I tried it has not worked for me and I do not know a way to select ie all “bakeries” and export the NAS data, so i can work with that. To me SuiteCRM is pretty cloded up about export in this way (selected).
I might be wrong, but thats my belief and I use the software a few years by now.
Perhaps my installation is just broken, possible, there were some hiccups.

Do you think what I want to do can easily be done?

Thank you so much

I guess you could highlight the records you want, under bulk menu press export and then manually just remove the columns you don’t want from the CSV file it produces.

At best create a report with just the columns you need and export from there. If your having problems getting the specific records your want into the report try highlighting the records you want like the first time and adding them to a target list, then setting includance within this target list as a condition.

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A better way is to use a database connector and grab the data automatically from within Word/Excel, as a Data source: