Sending Workflow email based on previous email

I’m wondering if anyone has set up an email to trigger through workflow at a time period after a previous email was sent.

So for example: I’m a web designer, I send a email template “your website is launched” then 7 days later I’d like to send an email saying “Give me a review”.

Can I trigger a workflow based on the first email being sent? I’ve had a look and I’m not sure if the available conditions fields will work. Just want to know if anyone has done this before I try it.

I get I could create a field in the contact something like “launch date” and have the be the trigger, but I’d really like to see if I can trigger a second email based on a previous email being sent.

Hey there!

What are the initial settings on that Worfklow? Those dropdowns “on save” etc?

When comparing dates, always use a “lesser than” or a “greater than”, never an “equals”. You’re thinking about dates, but SuiteCRM is comparing datetime’s. So your Workflow would have to run at the exact same time as the created date, in order to match.

I’ve set up the trigger for to fire in the scheduler and on new records (the email).

I haven’t run it yet, I’m not sure it will work or what it will do, so I’m a little hesitant to turn it on.

you can add a Test Condition to Workflow with Either record Name or Anything else equal to your Test Record and then Set it ON to check.

I have used the Date fields in Workflow Conditions so what you need to do is set your Date Created condition as Greater Than and the Today dropdown changed to Now. like this :point_down:

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That’s a good idea for testing!