Sending fields from a custom module to DocuSign API


I’m a new SuiteCRM developer with a background originally in microcontroller programming and am still getting used to the file structures/coding practices and reading through the developer docs while familiarizing myself with the system. We are implementing a way to autofill our contracts from fields that the sales-people will specify in their quotes, and I decided to go the route of using DocuSign. Right now I’m setting up the front-end of the module(Quotes) where fields can be entered and what-not but will eventually need to take fields and have them sent over the API to have the contract filled with prices, addresses, etc.
How would I go about retrieving the data from the Quotes module and sending it to template in docusign?

Hi and welcome to the community!

I guess you have two options:

  1. submit (push) the quotes information on-save by Suite
  2. actively pull the quote information by your third party system

Both options are supported by Suite, for option 1) have a look at logic hooks, for option 2) at the API description.