Sending email from Invoice - email fields do not get populated


If I send an email from the Invoice module, for example “Email PDF”, and select an invoice email template then the inserted fields do not get populated. That is, fields such as $aos_invoices_invoice_date are not replaced by their actual value.

When sending emails from the Work Flow module everything works fine.

Since all the fields in the invoice email template come from the Invoices module I assume they should get a value in the actual email.

Anyone got an idea what is going wrong?

If I choose “Email Invoice” then the fields will be populated in the email.

So the problem only exists if you choose “Email PDF” and select an email template afterwards. The fields in the PDF itself do get populated.

Is there a way to get the fields in the email to be populated when choosing an email template based on invoice information?

the issue still there :frowning:

Version 7.8.2

I have created invoice PDF template. I can generate Invoice PDF, send email with the invoice attached, send email with the invoice inserted into email body.

But i cant insert invoice fields i.e. $aos_invoices_total_amount into email body.

  1. Create invoice pdf template
  2. Create email template containing invoice variables, i.e. $aos_invoices_total_amount
  3. In the invoce module, action menu chose email pdf
  4. Email compose window opens with blank email text and with pdf attached.
  5. I chose email template created earlier.
    But the invoice fields are empty in email body.

What am i doing wrong? :frowning:

follow it here