Sending E-mail, related-to and adresses (bug?)


not sure if this is a bug or simply a weird feature, but I managed to send e-mail to a related-to account email address by accident, while I was only supposed to send the message internally to a colleague. This happened when I marked a message is related to Account and then used the advanced search to find that account. Apparently, when doing this, the email address was added automatically to the To: field. I noticed this at the moment I clicked send…
This only happens when using the advanced search window, not when typing directly into the related-to item box.
I think it is incorrect behavior. Thoughts?

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What are you calling “Advanced search”? Is it in the Email Compose window, this bit?


Image tells more…

Ah ok, I get it.

I think this is intended behaviour. It looks like a facilitator, something to speed up work. I guess if your work flow typically doesn’t require this, you better warn your users to pay attention.

If it’s really annoying you might look for a way to customize it, I think this is where it’s coming from:

(I don’t know if you’re a developer or if that is all chinese to you, sorry if it is)

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Thanks, not really a developer, but I can comment out code when need be :slight_smile:
It is an annoyance and if it is intended behavior then I would say it is a logic flaw. It is actually a huge risk that sensitive messages end up in the wrong mailboxes due to simple human error. Related to is not the same as a target for me.
I just migrated an antique sugar ce to the latest suite. Only two users so we got our first lesson.

You definitely have a point. Sending internal email about a customer, to that customer, unknowingly, is not a small matter. However I wonder what would be the best way to get this UI right, as I am sure that in many companies this is a significant time-saver, and that their flow is always to send to the customer when they select the relationship… Maybe we should just flash a warning (something frictionless) when we’re adding the email into the “to” field…

I suggest that you open an Issue on Github explaining this.

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