Sending an email to meeting partecipants on updates

I have a workflow that sends reminder emails to meeting partecipants, three days before the meeting. This works nicely, but sometimes someone adds people to a meeting AFTER the three-days limit, when the reminder emails have already been sent, and the new partecipants don’t receive anything.
Is there a recommended way to solve this issue? (It would be acceptable to send new reminders to already-notified partecipants when someone adds NEW partecipants)
Should I somehow intercept the “new partecipants added” event on Meeting save and reset the Workflow state for that record?

Here’s my workflow definition:
Workflow module: Meetings
Run: Only in the scheduler
Repeated runs: No
Run on: All records
Meetings / Status / Equal to / Value / Planned
Meetings / Start Date / Greater than or equal to / Date / Today
Meetings / Start Date / Less than or equal to / Date / Today + 3 Days
Send Individual Emails To Related Field Users:Users

The problem with resetting is that you do it at Meeting level, so the next Workflow would send repeat invitations to the people who were already in that meeting before… but what you want is to send only to a single new participant.

I would do a logic_hook on Meetings, and send the email directly from there.

Or you could make a Workflow from the Contact (or Lead or User or whatever), not from the meeting, and trigger it manually with PowerWorkflows or a custom button made by you.

Well it would be acceptable to send repeat reminders, provided that it happens only in this scenario :slight_smile: Do you think a logic hook on Meeting save that resets the workflow would be feasible, then?

Yes, you could try it. Although if you’re in a hook you could try just directly replicating this call:

A question: don’t you get a performance hit with that workflow running every minute?

What it is doing every minute is:

  • loading every single Meeting in the database
  • checking each one of those against the repeated runs condition (aow_processed table)
  • occasionally firing a few emails

A question: don’t you get a performance hit with that workflow running every minute?

Well both the web server and the database server are sitting at about 0/0/0 load average, so I guess it’s OK…?

Depends on how much data you have (and will have in the future) and how many users you have using the system concurrently.

But ok, if you don’t have a problem I guess you can go on as you are :slight_smile:

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