Sender information for meeting invitations

While I have successfully modified the meeting email invitation template in SuiteCRM 7.8.31, including removing “SuiteCRM” from the subject line, the invitation email itself is sent from “SuiteCRM user@domain.tld”. I’d like to get rid of this “SuiteCRM” and have the senders name used instead (the correct user email address user@domain.tld is already used and “SuiteCRM” only confuses outside invitees) but have not found where I can do that?

Surely someone must have done this already?

That is probably coming from the from_name logic in this function:

SuiteCRM/SugarBean.php at master · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub

If you can figure out which email account it is using, you might be able to change it in the account’s configuration.

I also believe you can override the whole thing at this point in the code, after the call to the parent function:

SuiteCRM/Meeting.php at 7f610b191850cbbb6d5052e9ef9eb2bfcac4d65d · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub

The reason I am uncertain is because I don’t know if that code is just for assigment emails, or if also runs for invitations. You’ll have to experiment.

Thank you. I did look at the admin settings and changed the name there from SuiteCRM to the main sender’s name. I will test it during the week.

This PR seems related, maybe try that patch also:

EDIT: oh, I saw in the other thread, you’re already on to that one :slight_smile:

Yes. Unfortunately I ran into some problems since that patch is for 7.12 and I am running 7.8.31 and am not sufficiently familiar with the workings of SuiteCRM to modify the fix as needed…