Send view Change Log in mail

Hello Every one ,

What i want to try is in Account Module if some one ( Edit ) Change The mail id or contact number for particular Account .
i want [ View change log ] need to be send by mail on my email id .

what i am trying is we can add logic hook and we can send mail to particular mail

but how to get [ view change log ] in data or form in logic hook ???

can some guide me on this ??? :dry:

Hi there,

If I understand your requirement correctly, you want to trigger/send an email when the change log is changed/updated?



Hi will ,

yes i want to send an email when the change log is change /update on my email .

i am trying like this

  • after save logic hook i am checking if any field has changed or not if field is changed than i am triggering mail using sugar phpmailer
    this is working but is there any other way also ?

what is the standard way to achieve this ?

sryy its before save logic hook which i was trying