Send SMS to bulk accounts (SMS Addon)


I have bought a sms addon for SuiteCRM ( and I am having a little problem. I want to send bulk sms to my accounts, but the support of addon said that SuiteCRM limit to send sms is 20 accounts. I was wondering ’ how that is possible? ’ because SuiteCRM is a big application and I DO NOT believe that they made a limit to only 20.

So my question:
- Is it possible to send bulk sms to more accounts like 1000 or 2000?

For more details check my case at the addon support:

I think if your List views show more than 20, it will send more than 20. This is configurable (not sure where, you’ll have to look in System settings perhaps).

What the add-on developer is saying is that the “select all” option doesn’t play well with his add-on. I am aware that this is a problem for some developers when adding “custom actions” to that action menu, I’ve had that difficulty myself. But it is a code problem and it is surely solvable.

I don’t think that can be called a SuiteCRM limitation, I believe it’s a limitation of the add-on. At most SuiteCRM would need a simple change to the main code, but any developer can do that, we’re open-source. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks. Their reply was a weird one. I am now trying to fix that through code.