Send in email a link to update lead form

Hi, all,

I have a SuiteCRM v7.11.13
I have created a Person Form in Campaigns for creating leads. It is integrated in website and when lead fills this form, the new lead is created in CRM.

In my workflow I need the client to fill in some additional information later.
Is there a way to export something similar to a person form, but that will update a record instead of creating a new one?
Is there an option to set an email template that will contain a link to this personal update form and will be used when needed?

Any guidelines and/or links to documentation are appreciated.

Have a look at the Surveys module. It’s not a direct solution to your problem, but it might work for your purposes.

Thank you a lot for your answer.
Tried this solution and it is not completely what I needed.

Because there is no built in solution, I will use API for it.
If somebody needs something similar, than the API is a good way to do the update of existing record.
In this way some development needed.
Here the documentation of updating API

Yes I agree. If I had known you were a developer I would have suggested the API :slight_smile:

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I am trying to use existing solutions first and to use API only if there no other way, so your answer was specific for what I asked.
I will use Surveys module for something else that I also need, so you helped anyway.

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