Send E Mail to custom email field in Leads


how can I send email to a custom email field like a referer apart from the record field.


in the other thread you said you were using version 7.9. There have been a few issues with the Email functionality in 7.9, it’s a new module and some things aren’t working properly. It would be wise to wait for the next release.

That said, I don’t fully understand what you’re asking. you made a custom field to store an email address? You want to be able use that as a recipient, without copy-pasting the address into the "To: " field?


if I have 2 fields where email is captured, which field is considered for sending email via workflow.

I have to send different mail template to each email collected.

“via workflow” that’s very different isn’t it? Was I supposed to guess?

I’m sorry but I’m no good answering Workflow questions… maybe wait for someone else to come into this thread. Or even post a new one with a better title and a better explanation.

Good luck!

Any success doing that? I need to implement the same functionality.