Send Campaign with Latest products


I want to send an email to a list of 20 users in which all the products entered from last 7 days will be included.

Emails will go every monday to users to notify them about latest products.

Latest products will be included in email template. How can i do that.

I hate it when a question sits out there with no answer forever… so I’m replying.

I cannot think of a good way to do this with SuiteCRM. I’ve used SplendidCRM before, and in that product you could create a report that had the new products in it… then schedule that report to run weekly and when the report runs it auto-emails users. In that product, an alternative way to do it, is to add to the email template a report attachment… which would allow you to use workflow to do it instead of schedule reports.

I don’t see anything similar in SuiteCRM… you might be wondering why I mentioned how it is done in SplendidCRM… and that is just in case someone wants an idea on how this could be accomplished if they wanted to write the code. Or if someone knows of a way to do one of those two methods in SuiteCRM. Both of them are derivatives of SugarCRM so…