Send a mail from Account Detail View, opens three mail popup windows

Hello there
We are using SuiteCRM Versión 7.10.9. When we go to an account or contact detail view and in the Activities subpanel we select the option “Mail” to send a new mail, the system opens a popup window three times. In the first popup window the mail address of the account/contact appears once, in the second it appears twice, and in the third it appears 3 times. If we try to close any of the popup window all of them get closed so we can not send a mail.
The workaround we have is to remove two of the same email addresses in the third popup window, send the mail and then colse the other two.

Is there any fix or solution for this issue??

Try disabling add-ons as a diagnostic. The same for custom code, remove it temporarily and test.

Injecting JS into the views, if not done carefully, sometimes causes code to run repeatedly.