Send 13000 email invitations for an event (error 500)


I really like Suitecrm, I use event modules to invite leads and contacts for our events
Before this event, I was sending 5k emails for this event I try to send 13k emails

I got to load all leads and contacts (by target list)
I sent 9k Emails but when I try to send the new group of 3k an error 500 shows

I send emails by Amazon SES, reputatation is ok, I can send one email and I dont have email queue

Is really strange

I checked log and nothing is showed about sending emails

Thanks in advance


You’re probably just hitting a memory or timeout limit in php.ini


When you get a 500 error, always check your PHP logs (in Apache, it’s usually called php_errors.log), it will tell you what went wrong.