Self-hosted version database

Just curious if anyone has the answer - if a team uses the self-hosted free version of Suite CRM, how is the data shared across the team? Is it automatically synced up?

I’m not sure I understand your question exactly, but here is my attempt at an answer… Normally when you self host what you need to do is get a way to expose your server to the Internet, by opening ports on your router, and usually by getting a domain name so you can use a normal URL to access your SuiteCRM.

But it’s not a matter of syncing up several self-hosted SuiteCRM among the team. It is still a single server on the Internet, and everybody uses the same server, with the same data.

I am doing what you asked about. I have a server up on and loaded v8.3.0 and I have a few people with access using it from different locations. I have my own domain name. Suitecrm handles the database functions for each user that logs in and multiple users login at the same time. You may want to limit access to specific IP addresses or use other security.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out

It can be any server provider. I set it up to test. I used a LAMP stack of 20.04 ubuntu which loads php 8.2 and I want php 7.4 so there is some work to do. PHP 8.2 is not going to work and Suitecrm isn’t smart enough (yet) to figure out min and max versions in the compatibility matrix. If you want the steps I used to get it working I can post it here.

Yes, would love to see how you set it up even though I am just hosting on my own laptop for now :slight_smile: