Select existing note from its subpanel for meetings

Is there a way to change the code so I can select a note from its subpanel for Meetings (or Tasks), not only create it?


I don’t think this is possible, no…

I believe it has to be done from the Note’s side, editing the Note to relate it to the Meeting or Task.

Of course you can add code to customize it, but that requires a developer, I don’t know if you are one.

Hi @pgr, thanks for replying. I see I can’t change things from Studio, but I am a developer, only not a very experienced one with CRM. Could you give me some tips? Should I change this file /modules/Notes/metadata/subpanels/forMeetings.php?

Exactly which screen are you trying to customize?

The detail view of a meeting?

Yes, notes subpanel shown in detail view of a meeting.

I did some Googling and it seems (as I expected) that customizing the History subpanel is really hard because it is built up from all the other subpanels:

Unless you can take on that task (good luck - I won’t be able to help you much…), maybe you can work around it by actually adding a simple, standard Notes subpanel there. It will have all the normal functionality, including Select. Only it won’t be mixed with the History of other items (calls, etc.).

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