Select Contacts linked to Accounts in Target Lists


Sorry in advance, my english is not that good, but I will try my best to describe our issue:

We want to send emails to Contacts which are linked to Accounts. The Contacts can´t be selectet directly or via filter at the moment because we primary select the Accounts. So there is a database field at the Accounts which we use to select the necessary group of Accounts in the Target List. But afterwards we need a way to export a list of all Contacts which are linked to that Accounts.

Is there a way?

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Hi. so essentially are you wanting to add the contacts within an account to a target list? And not just the account?

Yes, thats correct.

This will add the contacts within an account to the target list. However this has not been fully tested so i would advise you to back up everything before you do so… it should work though!


Are there any plans to merge this into the Standard products?

It would be very useful!

This would be a work in progress and hopefully will be out in the near future :slight_smile:

Have you tried my ‘plug in’?

Would love to hear what you think or if there are any bugs in the code.


Can you give me a short description what steps are needed to “install” your plugin? Do I need to change the code manually or is there a way to exchange the complete files? :blush:

best regards

there is a couple of ways to do this. there is a ‘git’ way or there is a manual way which is probably less hassle. I can describe to you what to do…you decide :slight_smile:

Because I have no idea what the “git” way is, please choose yourself. :wink:

Okay seeing as you dont know what git is i will explain what Git is a “GitHub is a Web-based Git repository hosting service. It offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.”. not too technical but essentially it is really great for keeping a history of versions for code.

but the wway that is probably best for you is to just copy and paste the code! However WARNING! if you update your instance of suite…the changes that you make will be blown away. but anyways apart from that

go to the link and open it up. Click on the “files changed 5” tab

each section of this tab section represents each file which i have changed. The location of the file is also defined at the top of each section. This location will be the location you will need to copy and paste into on your local file system of suite.

Go to each section and click on the view button to display the whole file. Copy all of the code…then paste it into its according file location on your local instance of suite files.

Just ask if you need help. wrote this in a rush ha!



Thx for your help. I did the changes.

But - where do I find the additional function now? I cant find any new button or anything like that…

first i would do a quick repair and rebuild before anything

then if you go to an account and then add it to target list. it should add the contacts to the target list you pick


the button should be called “Add Contacts To Target List”

any luck margel?

I dont get it… :frowning:

I´m looking at a test-target list.
At the part “accounts” I klick select, then the popp window to search accounts comes up.
In that window I select some accounts ans click the “Select”-Button.
Afterwards the accounts are in the test-target list.

Where in those steps should I see the additional button?

OOOPS sorry my bad.

you have to go to the list view of Accounts. Then select your accounts…then use the list view action buttons. there you will see the “Add Contacts To Target List” button

the subpanel does not cater for this functionality…only the list view action button

i think it would make sense as contacts should be contacts for the subpanel and accounts should be for accounts and not the contacts also.

OK, found it there and works perfect!


No worries! i hope this functionality helps your organisation!