Select Button not Working in Pop Up View


Has anyone had an issue where the select button does not work in the pop up view? I did an install from softaculous from my C-Panel.
Version 7.10.17
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I have not done any customisations or changed any code.

Is there a fix to this?

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In which module, which view?

Please try it on their live demo, does the same thing happen?


Yes it does


Sorry, it is in the accounts module, when selecting contacts in subpanel. Looks to be all modules

Works for me on 7.11.5, I wonder if this is a problem in 7.10.x only…

Do you see any errors in your logs at the time of the failure?

And in your browser’s Developer Console, any Javascript errors?

I get the below error in the browser javascript console

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘passthru_data’ of undefined
at send_back_selected (popup_helper.js?v=K75RtoC1QGjoBNPwjlrtAQ:56)
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (index.php?module=Contacts&action=Popup&hide_clear_button=true&mode=MultiSelect&create=true&metadata=undefined:896)

send_back_selected @ popup_helper.js?v=K7…C1QGjoBNPwjlrtAQ:56
onclick @ index.php?module=Con…adata=undefined:89

Can you get more information about that 404 error? That is “resource not found on the server”. Does it tell you which resource the server coulnd’t find?

I am getting this error, minus the 404 error of a file/resource not found. on two seperate SuiteCRM instances at 7.11.5.

It happens across browsers, in incognito/private browsing.



Okay a recent update borked this it seems. Looking at the button code

<input class="button" type="button" id="MassUpdate_select_button" value="Select" onclick="send_back_selected('Contacts',document.MassUpdate,'mass[]','Please make a selection before proceeding.');" kl_vkbd_parsed="true">

Looking at the code in popup_helper.js:

send_back_selected has a 5th parameter and there are lots of calls to this that do NOT include this 5ht parameter. until recently there was code in the function that fixed a missing 5th parameter however this has been removed. Also recently updated (based on the issues log) has been a fix for using the overrides to Popup.php within modules (ie so it doesnt use the default Popup.php as it did previously where there is a correct 5th parameter).

So what is the fix for this?

I’m not sure it’s the same thing, but I would start by applying this fix

and rebuilding all Javascript items (admin/repairs), and full refreshing browser.

If that is too technical for you, just wait for the next release in a couple of weeks, and upgrade.

If you do try it, please tell me how it goes. Thanks