Seeing UUIDs in KReports


SuiteCRM Version 7.1.1
Just installed KReporter V3.0.6 Core & Base.

Created a KReport on Accounts, and for any user field that I add, e.g. Assigned User, a UUID is displayed instead of the name (see attachment).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Hi there;
Not an expert on suite or sugarcrm… but try to check the type of displayed data from :
Kreporter > edit > presentation > override type column.
youcan select from a dropdown menu the type of data as : text, number, date,…
maybe this will help!!

Good idea, but unfortunately it hasn’t made any difference – I just get the same codes instead of user names.

Soory couldn’t Help…Still New with this Stuff…hope someone give more Help…have a bunch of question my self waiting for any help!!

Pete, the UUID is what is stored withing the accounts table. If you want the related information (user name, last name, etc) you will need to click the arrow next to the main module you are reporting from, and select the related table. That will then give you access to the additional fields you can add to your report.

Hope this helps!


Ah, it’s quite obvious once it’s explained - thank you!

What a fantastic extension, it brings a lot of power to SuiteCRM.