Seeing calendar in Thinderbird - how


I am trying to see my calendar in ThunderBird. I have done this before, but for the life of me, I can not find the instruction on where to get the info from SuiteCRM to plug into TBird.

Thanks for the help


Hi Joseph.

There are a couple of methods of achieving this but I use Lightning and simply add the ical link found under the user account by right clicking and selecting New Calender from the contextual menu.
It will be read only.

John Baldwin

Thanks JOhn.

I should have said that I know how to add it to TBird,.

But, where, from within SuiteCRM, do I get the calendar info to add to TBird?(Lightening)



Ah no problem,

When logged on as the user - click on their name next to the system cog icon on the top right. This will open the users account for edit. Then select the ‘Advanced tab’ and scroll down.

The third option down is the one you will need.