SecurityGroup delete record

Hi, I upgraded Suite from version 7.10.20 to version 7.11.23 and now if I delete a security group from the list, everything is deleted, even the associated record.
I have activated the security groups subpanel within the custom forms, and this is where I delete security groups from, because sometimes groups that are not needed are associated, just because there are people inside that are part of more than one group, up until version 7.10.20 I had no problems, the ones that were not needed I would delete, now after the update, if I delete a group it deletes everything, even the record.
Do you have any idea how to solve it? Thank you.

I don’t understand which screens you’re describing, can you please add some screenshots?

this is the scenario, if I click on the “Rimuovi” button in the Security Groups subpanel,
everything is deleted, even the record associated with the group (“Difetto 15”)

That really is weird.

Maybe with log levels down to DEBUG you can find the SQL that is being generated to cause that to happen?

Then with a stack trace from that error you can work up the levels of code to see where that is coming from.

Also check if you have any Workflows or logic hooks that might be getting triggered by the relationship delete. I’ve seen this happen: the relationship delete includes code that saves the original bean. And this code will trigger after_save code that “thinks” it’s deleting the original record, not the relationship, and does something stupid…

After analyzing all the security group code, the problem was my logic_hooks on that custom module associated with deleting a relationship.

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