Security Suite group assignment on create problem

I try to implement a role/group policy in SuiteCRM.
The Problem is, if a user is assigned to multiple security groups i want that the user chooses the group on creation of a new record.
In the admin section there is a checkbox “Use Creator Group Select”. It says “When a record is created by a user in more than one group show a group selection panel on the create screen. Otherwise inherit that one group.”
But checked or not checked, i do not see a “group selection panel” in the create view.
Am i doing it wrong, do i miss something?

Hi there

If you really want a knowledgeable answer, I think you have a better chance if you ask Jason Eggers by leaving a comment on the SuiteCRM Store, in the Security Suite add-on.

But I got curious and went looking into the code… maybe you already did that also.

It seems this function is called in an after-save hook:

Is your hook firing correctly?

Then this sets a “securitygroups_popup” array in the $SESSION variables, which seems to be picked up at this other function called “popup_onload” which launches the pop-up:

But maybe this comment in that function explains your problems:

	//this only works if on the detail view of the record actually saved...
	//so ajaxui breaks this as it stays on the parent

Are you trying it from the detail view?

I hope this helps, if not, sorry, I don’t really understand all this… I was just exploring.

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Thank you.
Disabling Ajax for the modules did the trick.
When disabled, you get the selection of security groups on the bottom.
It does not save the groups now, but now i at least have a start to investigate.

I now reported two issues for that on suitecrm github:

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