security groups problem


I’ve got some problems with Security Suite Group Management and settings.
The scenario is for a user that has two groups assigned, we say A and B.

  1. If I remove a group from the Security panel for example A, and then I update again the record, I get the same groups A and B.

  2. If I disable all the inheritance rules, and I create a new record, the record inherits the groups A and B.

  3. I’ve created all the possible hooks, to remove the groups and then set my groups based on certain custom processes, but I get ever and ever the same two groups with at most other groups added.

Any suggestion? Is security groups working properly on Suite 7.1.1 ? ( I can’t upgrade now ).

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It should not happen, As you say you have removed the inheritance settings. Double check the Security group settings and go through the documentation, It will help in knowing the settings better. Try repair roles from admin just to check it that solves.

Hi urdhvatech,

This not helps. I’d like to inspect this problem and to undestand the code. Do you know where those groups are assigned?
In a modules/SecurityGroups/SecurityGroup.php I modified a line of code:

function inherit(&$focus,$isUpdate)
return; <============================== return immediately.

    global $sugar_config;
    SecurityGroup::assign_default_groups($focus,$isUpdate); //this must be first because it does not check for dups

But also this not helps, the record inherits again the same groups. For a particular requirement I’ve to control the assignment of the group in some way.

Can you help me?

Make sure you have Memcache or APC disabled when doing this sort of change so that your code changes go into effect immediately.