Security Groups: Mass Assign shown in user screen


Version 7.10.2

as a user I see “Security Groups: Mass Assign” option below accounts, contacts etc.

Is there a possability to hide this to users. It seems to me strange because we don´t use security groups

Admin / Display Modules and Subpanels, remove that module.

it was already but checked again. “Seurity Grop Management” is on the hidden panel for module and subpanels.

I wonder if that is a bug… Have you done a Quick Repair and Rebuild?

yes I did. No change. It is the same in 7.9.15. I don´t know if it is there since ever. I am a new user in an evaluation process.

Screenshots do wonders… I see what you mean now :slight_smile:

I was thinking of subpanels, but that is the mass assign mini form at the bottom of list views…

It would be nice if that was an option, yes, definitely…

If you want a workaround, go here

and add a style to that form like so

<form action='index.php' method='post' name='MassAssign_SecurityGroups'  id='MassAssign_SecurityGroups' style='display:none;'>

That’s not upgrade-safe - you might have to redo this change after an upgrade that happens to change that file.

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Any changes on this?

I too want to remove that. Is there a CSS file I could just add to??

#MassAssign_SecurityGroups {

Yes, you can put that in a small file called


(change that “Dawn” to whatever sub-theme you’re using, Dusk, Day, etc.; or make 4 files, one for each sub-theme)

And put your CSS there, it will get appended to the normal style.css (the big one) that SuiteCRM uses.