Security groups and roles (comprehensive guide)

Hey everyone

Security groups and roles can be a bit tricky to comprehend so I made a 3 part tutorial which covers it in small incremental steps and wanted to get your feedback if I forgot to cover something vital:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

One comment I got is that I forgot to cover default security groups, so will def add it in part 4.

Thank you


I just watched the videos, congratulations, I think they will surely help new (and not so new) users!

I edited your post to correct the link to the first video (it was the same link as the second video…). I think you need to go in your Youtube area and fix the video descriptions there, they have the same copy-paste “bug”.

:clap: nice work!

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Isn’t this better for the show and tell category?

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Thank you, I’m going to fix it in the description also!