Security Group subpanel not showing in main modules

Hello everyone,

Security Groups subpanel is not showing in main modules such as Accounts, the relationship and the subpanel are both appearing in studio, but not in the detail view of the account. When I checked my log I found this :

Bad subpanel definition, it has incorrect value for get_subpanel_data property securitygroups.

Do you have any explanation about this ?

I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.7.8 with Sugar Version 6.5.24

Thank you !

Have you tried running a Quick Repair & Rebuild and then scrolling down to the bottom of that page, and executing changes if they are offered?

Did you do any customizations to subpanels?

Yes I tried running Quick Repair & Rebuild and even for relationship, I verified the detail view of the accounts several times in vain !

No, I didn’t do any customizations to subpanels and permissions are Okey !

I find a solution :

In “modules/Accounts/vardefs.php” for unknown reason it missed “security_groups” declaration in this line of code :

VardefManager::createVardef(‘Accounts’,‘Account’, array(‘default’, ‘assignable’,’[color=#ff0000]security_groups[/color]’,

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¡Hi! I checked the vardefs.php file and in this file I can find the following declaration:


But in Accouunts Module (for examen) I can’t see the Security Suite Subpanel
¿Can I share with you my vardefs.php?