Security Group Management doesn't work for custom module?


I try to use Security Group Management based on role, but it does.t work with custom module.

Example 1 – is works.

Created group1
Created role1 with rule for module Accounts list view - Group, assign it to group1
Created user1, assign it to group1
Created record1 in account module, assign it to group1
Created record2 in account module

Login with user1 and see in module Accounts only record1 – it is works!

Example 2 – is not works.

Created custom module1
Created rule for custom module1 list view - Group
Created relatinship many-to-many to custom module1 with Security Group module
Created record1 in custom module1, assign it to group1
Created record2 in custom module1

Login with user1 and see nothing in custom module1 :frowning: but, i think user1 must see record1 becouse is was assign it to group1


I have followed the link’s instruction but the many-to-many relationship created from the studio already appears to look like exactly like that. Do you have any specific instruction to fix your issue? thanks.

Figured out that I had to clear the entire MetaData.php file first, not just edit those lines. Also my module name ends with securitygroups_1 so i had to add YOURCUSTOMMODULE_securitygroups_1 for

$dictionary[“YOURCUSTOMMODULE_securitygroups_1”] = array (

array (
’ YOURCUSTOMMODULE _securitygroups_1’ =>