Searching for domain names doesn't works

I am doing websites and in my CRM quite every client has at least a domain name normally, so often I search the client trough the domain name, but then if for example I write it not show results, if instead I search for matteoraggi the search works well. did I found a bug to patch?
I am using SuiteCRM 7.11.15.


Is this through the Global Search, or through individual Module search?
If Global, is it Advanced/Basic/Elasticsearch?

(Just for the sake of replication)

If you have indeed found a bug, I would recommend raising it here:
So that it can be tracked against the project :slight_smile:

I am just usign the search form on the top right of every page, I dont know yet how to use the advanced search… I ma using the basic setup…


Would you be able to pass over a screenshot of the results that show “matteoraggi” returning?
That’d clear up which Global Search is being used

Also, in the record that returns, are there any other fields that contain “matteoraggi”?
(Such as Email/Name)

It might be returning that record based on the search term matching those fields.

I'd had a look at the vardefs for "website" on Accounts, and can't see the "unified_search" value, (which indicates whether a field is used in Global Search) So it might just be that, Out of the box, "Website" is not marked for Global Searching

( Also, as a side note, you can choose which Global Search to use in the Admin->Search Settings panel, if you’d ever like to change )

I am still receiving a list of all records if searching every domain if searching in oen of these 2 fields:

using suitecrm version 7.11.21


From your screenshot, I believe you’re using the Advanced Search

As far as I’m aware, the Advanced Search will return results based on a sort of “Search Score” value
(ie, how much your Search term matches a found value)

I can’t quite tell from your Screenshot, but I believe this might be the issue here, and it causing some confusion.

So, for example:

In this screenshot, I have searched on “

This has returned the correct record, with a 100% match score.

However, this will return records that have a website with “.com” in it, as this will be a partial match.
(You can see that the search score for the 2nd account with “” is “17.75%”)

Alternatively, if you use the Basic Search, you can search more precisely:

Searching on “”
Will return any records that contain the value “
(The “%” characters are needed to perform a wildcard search)

This does not return any records with similar values, like “” or “
(Like the advanced search does)

Is that roughly what you’re looking to achieve?

Just an idea, could we possibly implement domain detection in the search query and do that automatically for the user?

Yes I made it: