searching and showing that a contact is in a target list

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I can’t find a way to easily see if a contact is in a target list. I’ve created target lists for campaigns and have added a load of contacts to go into those target lists, but without clicking through pages and pages of contacts on the target list how can I find out if a contact is in a target list or not, or just see what target lists a contact is added to? It would be good to have a module subpanel a the bottom of a contact record to see what target lists they are added to, and also to be able to add a contact to a target list from the contact record.

Am I missing something?

I agree with the “target list” sub panel idea inside the related modules

We had a similar request for a client

Created a report
Based on Target List
Condition = target list name
Condition = Contact Name

Add the report to user homepage for easy access :slight_smile:

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It seems like it should be possible, see the thread here;

… but there is no code??