Search text within files


I am trying to get “Full Text Search” to search within uploaded files such as .docx and .pdf files. I cant get it to work, does SuiteCRM even have this capability?

“provides the enhanced functionality of searching text in documents and other files”
The website makes the above claim and makes me think what I am trying to achieve is possible.

I have the following setup:

  • AOD enabled
  • Scheduled Lucene Index job running every 1 minute
  • Scheduled Optimise AOD job running every 1 minute

I have been unable to find any other thread here to assist with this, can some one please assist?

I do not believe SuiteCRM search includes uploaded documents, but will be happy to be proven wrong, many clients have asked for this feature

What about Elastic search, does it provide the feature?

@ivyis or perhaps it is possible with SuiteCRM Analytics?