Search results issues


Let me begin by providing you the version we are using…
Version 7.8.2
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

Currently I am having issues with the search function pulling results that it SHOULD.

For example, when I use the default “Advanced search” and search for “Q1018” (which is a prefix naming convention I use for Quotes), it will not return any results. However when I click on the “Basic Search” it will expand the search under each category (Calls, Accounts, Cases, ECT), and show me the Q1018 under the proper category which is Opportunities.

My question is why does it not show under the normal search bar, and make me have to expand the search and click on “basic search” in order to show any results?

How can we fix this issue so that a normal search in the search bar will provide accurate results without having to change the search type every time?

Thank you, if you need further clarification please let me know


I have the same problem but have found that when i disable Advanced Open Discovery in Admin>AOD Settings the search results show up correctly, without having to press basic search each time.

Something must be broken in AOD?