Search Result (with elasticsearch): modules not named correctly, is it a bug?

Elasticsearch results use the term “Prospects” instead of “Targets” in our installation (we are coming from SugarCRM), can it be easily corrected?

Our setup: SuiteCRM: Version 7.11.18 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) (Linux Centos 7, PHP 7.4.14, mariadb 5.5.68-1.el7, self-hosted in dedicated VM.

We also renamed (with Studio) two modules: “Accounts” and “Opportunities”, but here, too, the search results show those terms (and not our renamed version).

With the ordinary simple search (or the advanced Solr-search) everything works fine.

I am just asking for tips, so to avoid filing a wrong bug request in github.

Btw: the number of results in elastic search is apparently just fixed to 10, can it be raised (e.g. 50)?

“Prospects” is how it is callled in the Database. I don’t know Elastic much, but if it uses database table names, then I guess it won’t be easy to change (unless it provides some renaming option).

PHP 7.4 will get you into trouble - only 7.3 is supported. And I really don’t advise just “trying your luck”, I know for a fact that you will hit bugs.


omg, PHP 7.3, yes, you are perfectly right! We will change it right away and come back here for feedback

thanks pgr!

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So, we’ve set PHP to 7.3 (and by the way solved other smaller problems, thank you pgr!)

but the issue cited in this Topic is still there.

Any advice? or should I open a bug issue in gitlab?

Yes you can open an Issue on GitHub if it’s not already there, but I don’t think it will get much attention. Ideally you if you can also come up with a fix that would be great.

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