Search options for SuiteCRM

Am running Suite CRM 7.13. Finding the Search (top right box) to be pretty basic and main thing the content in rich text (html) not showing up in the search results as expected. In Admin | Search Settings am seeing the Advanced and Elastic options.

How is the Advanced Search different than the Basic search? The Elastic guessing that is a different product that somehow indexes/crawls the Suite CRM.

Overall looking for suggestions/directions to improve searching of data both text and rich text.


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Found if in the search you add the percent % wildcard as in %keyword% then it does find the ‘Case Updates’ that would not show in the results if just using the keyword. So that is an option but seems a bit of a workaround also won’t cover all search scenarios.

There is a setting in the config.php that controls the wildcards and adding wild card infront of search

I built my own search for each module.

I am working on a universal one that resides in the footer that searches most modules.
Screenshot 2023-11-02 101623

The standard / default search is more trouble and time consuming than it is worth from my perspective.

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