Search for multiple values in a text field filter

Hello there,

I was looking for a way to look up multiple records in the text field based on multiple values.

For example I am looking for 2 leads:
one with the mail:
two with the mail:

is there a syntax like : |

or syntax like OR

that I could use for doing such search?

(I could just go to the database… but it would be easier if that feature already exists)

Version 7.10.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Sorry, I don’t think this exists. You could probably tweak the code in the Search box to allow some SQL, but normally this is all bullet-proof restricted so that people don’t try injection attacks from the search box :frowning:

Instead of search you have to use a report. You can put multiple conditions and use and/or operators

See example condition for accounts whose name starts with A or B:

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