Search Engine Friendly URLs don't work with AOP (component/advancedopenportal not found)

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I’m posting this mainly as a reference for anyone else running into this problem. When I initially set up the AOP component in Joomla, I had Search Engine Friendly URL’s activated in the Global Configuration. However, once a portal user submits a ticket, it returns a 404 Not Found message saying “{site url}/component/advancedopenportal was not found” Once I turned off SEF url’s in Joomla’s global configuration, it worked fine. I don’t personally need the SEF urls, since I’m only using Joomla for the portal page and nothing else (and have the site set to noindex,nofollow) but I can see how this would pose problems for anyone looking to use Joomla as the CMS for a whole website with a support ticket section. Perhaps someone who knows how to resolve this can post their solution here for those that may need it.


How are your settings in config.php, specifically these two?


Are they correct?

Hi @pgr - Sorry just seeing that you replied to this thread now. They’re the correct url for the suitecrm installation, yes. Joomla is installed in a sub-folder below that, though.

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