Search contact results with broken link

Hallo everybody,
I recently upgraded to 7.14.4.
When I do a global search, and I got some results, the link to contact using the little pen on the left is broken, while the link on the name is ok.
On the little pen icon the link is http://<myservername>:<myport>/index.php?action=EditView&module=Contacts&record=..
Clicking on the name the link is http://<myservername>:<myport>/suitecrm/index.php?action=EditView&module=Contacts&record=..
Is it a bug or some setting on my installation ?

search here.

Try checking the site URL is correct in your config file config.php

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‘site_url’ => ‘’,

‘site_url’ => is ok
I didn’t change config.php, just updated SuiteCrm from 7.13 to 7.14

‘site_url’ => is ok.
and other links in the search result page are ok.
Just the little pen is a broken link (both on contacts and on account)

I just tried it in the live demo

and it is the other way around; the pen icon does work

but clicking on the name doesn’t work:


In config.php, apart from site_url, I suggest checking also host_name

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‘host_name’ => ‘’,
‘site_url’ => ‘’,
Obviously, I can see the wrong link pointing the mouse.

I’m having a look at lib\Search\SearchResults.php but I’m unable to find a bug, I suppose is in another source

Maybe I am pointing the obvious

but look in the config_override.php as well