Search by URL or Search a group of ID


I don’t know if what I’m asking is possible or if there is an other way to do it.

I’m building a homepage, like a dashboard, but outside the suitecrm (both of them at the same server and inside the LAN) that show a summary of different modules for each user (the tasks from a specified account or a group of them, or the meetings related to accounts from certain area…). All of this searches can be made with REPORTS, but I would like to make a URL to search panel with a custom search (not a saved search). The idea is to fill the fields with GET or POST parameters.

For example imagine this:


Also, as an alternative, it is possible to list accounts (or any other module) if I have the list of IDs? though a session variable, entry point or POST data?

Sometimes there are some Tasks (that not shares any connection) that I want to review daily, but there is no way to group them with a search because are assigned to different people or different accounts or different project. The repport is not an alternative because I can’t edit or view outside the CRM.

Any idea will be apreciated!.


Maybe is difficult to explain, but I think there is a better example (and maybe someone else would use it):

I have a ERP with all the accounts (in fact, the Customers are syncronized from ERP to the SuiteCRM), and when I check in the ERP Customer info, I want to alert if there are Pending Task (with an icon for example with the number of tasks), then if the link is pressed I want to show the CRM results with the task list filtered (from account id and pending).

Is there any way to do this?