SCRM 7.10.4 - Where is the do_not_call check box in GUI?

I was looking at the data table contacts and noticed there is a field called do_not_call but there is no place to check this in the Contact edit view.

Where are you able to select the do_not_call option?

There are plenty of fields that are not included in the views by default.

You can simply go into Studio and add them to the Edit view and Detail view. You can also add to the List view, but in this case, a simpler way is also possible without Studio, from the “column chooser” on the list view.

I wonder if that field has any effect elsewhere, or if it’s just a way to store an option and nothing more…

Thank you @pgr.

I didn’t realize that you could add it to the views.

I tried to add it via the list view on Contacts and it only shows the status but doesn’t allow editing.

I also tried to add it to the Contact Edit view but dragging and dropping the “Do Not Call” box from the list to the view but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Is there another trick or something I’m missing?

Are you familiar with Studio? What do you mean “it didn’t work”?

You need to add to the view, then hit “save and deploy”. If that is not enough, go and do a Admin / Repair / QR&R

I was unable to add another data block to the Detail View of the Contact Layout. I tried to drag and drop.

After doing the “Admin / Repair / QR&R”, I got a “toolbox” with a number of options that weren’t there before.

Now I am able to add the “Do Not Call” to the view and deploy.

Thanks for your help.